Kicking Off Upfronts Week!

Max Greenfield & Hannah Simone from FOX’s “New Girl” joined me for a group picture Sunday night at Lavo!

The very last exciting major celebrity-filled event in New York of Spring is Network Upfronts week. For those of you who don’t know what that is, all of your favorite television networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, & CW come together in New York City to show off all their new endeavors and their most popular casts. Apparently it also has something to do with gaining advertisers, but to me it really just sounds like an excuse to brag a lot for the press. Not that there is anything wrong with that or that I would complain about it considering what a fruitful opportunity it is for my friends and I to meet our favorite TV stars.

“The Client List” star Colin Egglesfield & I last night.

Something else that happens during Upfronts week is that every agency who has ever repped anyone on any TV show ever throws a party to celebrate their clients. This is also an extremely fruitful opportunity for my friends and I which was proven to be true last night at the UTA agency party held at Lavo. When Hannah Simone showed up for the party I was so excited I literally stuttered in her face while asking her for a picture. The worst part is that after she agreed and I turned to hand my camera to a friend so he could take the picture for me, there was Hannah’s fellow “New Girl” star Max Greenfield – I gasped in his face. Like, if I had been any closer to him when I gasped as hard as I gasped I might have swallowed his face. Seriously. Max laughed and I asked him for a picture as well, so when he agreed Hannah offered to jump in for a group picture and, voila!

Edi Gathegi & I outside Lavo. Edi will be on your TV’s come this Fall!

Also in attendance at the UTA party were Colin Egglesfield who I know only from “Something Borrowed” but is now on Lifetime’s “The Client List. Colin was very nice and asked for my name before shaking my hand and introducing himself. I always think it’s really funny when you ask a celebrity for your picture and they introduce themselves to you like you don’t know who they are. Another random sighting was “Twilight” star Edi Gathegi. Apparently Edi has a new show coming to ABC this fall called “Red Van Man” which is exciting news for him!

Naya Rivera from “Glee” was super sweet at the UTA party last night.

Last but certainly not least, Naya Rivera from “Glee” was one of the few to close out the party, and she looked stunning in a purple cocktail mini dress. The first time I ever met Naya Rivera was outside the Beacon Theater at the 2012 FOX Upfronts. It was right after it had been announced that Naya Rivera and Heather Morris would become season regulars on the series, so it was really exciting to meet the both of them then! Naya was super sweet and just as stunning then as she was last night, and I was really happy to see that she hasn’t changed a bit.

Not to brag, but considering Upfronts hadn’t even started yet I think I had a pretty good kick-off last night. I am looking forward to what else the week will bring!


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