Weirdest. RPattz. Photoshoot. Ever.

Robert Pattinson, a lady friend, and… Robert Pattinson? Talk about an awkward threesome.

Robert Pattinson covers this years Cannes edition of France’s “Premiere Magazine” and from the looks of it, they certainly did not hold back in an attempt to catch readers attention. While the photoshoot caused a few raised eyebrows and high-pitched squeals from Rob’s extensive online fan base, I have to say that it might actually be one of my favorites. I like an actor that will take risks, even in something as trivial as a photoshoot.

The interview with Rob itself is pretty intense. It seems to go hand-in-hand with the overall feel of “Cosmopolis” which tells me we are in for a real treat as for as promotion goes later this year. Personally, given that I’ve read the novel by Don DeLillo, I am very much looking forward to “Cosmopolis” which will be in theaters in the US this December.

My favorite quote from Robert’s interview is when he is telling a story about being at the wrap party for “Cosmopolis” with director David Cronenberg and discussing what the film was about. Cronenberg quoted Fellini to Rob by asserting that, “A movie is dead when it doesn’t raise questions any more.

Check out more weird shots from the spread below, and read the rest of the interview on Premiere’s official site.

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