Is Chace Crawford Looking For A Role in “Catching Fire”?

The rumors, speculation, and suggestions for casting “Catching Fire” have been running rampant on the internet since before the “The Hunger Games” was even in theaters. While I have my own opinions about all of these roles needing to be cast, I have not weighed in on them here on my blog because my friend Brian over at BEST Blog summed it up pretty well back in April.

Last night during some downtime after the Met Gala arrivals I watched a new video interview conducted by Clevver News on YouTube with Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick for their upcoming romantic comedy “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“. To my surprise the girl interviewing them mentioned to Chace that “a lot of people” were wanting him to be cast as Finnick O’Dair. This was the very first I had heard of Chace Crawford’s name being thrown into the ring along with Armie Hammer, Kellan Lutz, Colton Haynes, and Taylor Kitsch among others and I have to say I instantly disagreed with the idea. Actually, just to clarify, I still think it’s a terrible idea.

Today I saw that Clevver News had uploaded a new video titled “Chace Crawford: Finnick in Hunger Games! – Exclusive” that threw me off because I quickly remembered the original interview where they asked Chace Crawford about the role that was only uploaded maybe twelve hours earlier and it wasn’t really anything that cemented he wanted the role at all. In fact, while he does go on to say that he hopes has a hook up at Lionsgate now thanks to “What to Expect” he really only jokingly pleads for the role at the end. Plus when he is first asked about the role he looks at Anna Kendrick and asks her if she’s read the book to which she says, “I have not,” and then turns back to the interviewer and says, “I don’t know that character.” A few moments later Anna asks him if he’s read the books and though his initial reaction looks like a “no” she tells him to say he’s a huge fan of the books – and he does. You have to admit, Anna Kendrick knows a thing or two about book-to-movie franchises after her scene stealing role as Jessica Stanley in the first four “Twilight” films. Though I am sad to report it seems she has no interest in “The Hunger Games” with having not read the books either even though she was my first choice for Johanna Mason.

Anyway, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a “The Hunger Games” campaign from Chace Crawford though I’m sure the edited version of this interview that Clevver News put up will  help bring it into every interview he does for the next month or so. The full length interview with both Anna and Chace is below. Enjoy!


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