2012 Met Gala: NOT-SO-MUCH!

Marc Jacobs and Milla Jovovich in a world of red carpet shame at the 2012 Met Gala. (Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/GettyImages)

Alright, you knew it was coming. I can’t point out my FAVES from last nights Met Gala without pointing out the ones that were, well, NOT-SO-MUCH my faves.

Now, before you go critiquing my critiques know this: I am not a fashion expert. I am merely just an opinionated pop culture fanatic with a blog. I like to think I know a red carpet train wreck when I see one, but it is still just my opinion. If you don’t agree then that is fine, because we are all entitled to our own!

However, I do not hate all of these looks. They are not all train wrecks, but some of them are on my NOT-SO-MUCH list because I don’t think they really fit in with what I think (note: think) should be walking the Met Gala carpet. Some of these looks are meant for other things like movie premieres, fashion shows, after parties, etc. For instance: Coco Rocha’s yellow and pink vintage Givenchy outfit was cute, but would have been better suited front row at a Givenchy runway show. Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga dress would have been better untouched and at the MTV Movie Awards. Kristen Wiig’s Stella McCartney dress would have felt more at home at a movie premiere. Do you catch my drift here?

Unfortunately, others are just atrocious in the sense that they shouldn’t exist on any carpet ever. I think Marc Jacobs was hands down the most offensive outfit of the evening. Not only does he look ridiculous, especially with his bright white boxers and his Leprechaun shoes, but he is Marc Jacobs. How can one of fashion’s finest go so wrong on such an important night? Also, if Alexa Chung’s outfit from last night doesn’t finally rescind all of her invitations to future fashion A-list events, there is just no hope left in the world.

Enjoy the slideshow below featuring the ones who put NOT-SO-MUCH work into their Met Gala attire. Maybe next year?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “2012 Met Gala: NOT-SO-MUCH!

  1. I completely agree with the Kristen comment. I told the exact same thing to my cousin. It’s a nice dress but it was just a little too casual. It would have been much better suited at something like the MTV movie awards.

    Kristen Dunst looked like Santa Clause
    Even Mendez was a train wreck (which is shocking)
    Elizabeth Banks..le sigh..
    Kristen wiig…double sigh

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