Welcome to Photobombing Mark Ruffalo 101!

So, when’s the last time you photobombed someone? For me it was last Wednesday – the morning I met Mark Ruffalo at Good Morning America.

If you read my blog about our encounter you saw that Mark told us all to pose for the paparazzi with him while he was signing autographs. I have to admit that this is NOT what I was envisioning these pictures would look like. Really, I was sure we’d look more like buddies rather than me just being the obnoxious girl with the silly expression behind a celebrity. But, I digress. Though it may not be my ideal pose, it’s still hilarious and part of a great story.

In other news, congrats to Mark Ruffalo and “The Avengers” cast for their record-shattering success! “The Avengers” brought in over $200 million domestically and over $600 million worldwide in their opening weekend alone, according to Forbes.

Tell me fellow fangirls (and boys!), if you could photobomb any celebrity who would it be?


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