“The Avengers” Villain Broke My Losing Streak: How I Met Tom Hiddleston!

After two failed attempts trying to meet “The Avengers” cast last week I have to admit I debated giving up. I had known about a couple of promotional appearances this week that they would be attending and I just didn’t think I had it in me to face more failure. However, I still woke up bright and early Monday morning and bolted into Times Square with high hopes of breaking my losing streak by meeting Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. More failure ensued. Neither of Chris-squared stopped for pictures, and I couldn’t blame them considering how vicious the crowd which was mostly autograph sellers was.

After GMA I was ready to call it quits when Brian told me that Tom Hiddleston, Loki himself, would be hitting up Fuse that afternoon. Tom may not be an Avenger but I was still willing to give him a try. Besides, maybe I needed to start thinking outside of the box. I’m human and I can be a bit greedy sometimes.

Though we arrived a bit earlier than necessary I have to say that meeting Tom Hiddleston was like taking candy from a baby! No one else was waiting for him and Brian was able to approach him as soon as he hit the sidewalk outside of Fuse’s main entrance, and Tom was super nice about taking pictures even after telling us he needed to be quick so he could head inside. After we took our pictures and Brian expressed his excitement for the film, Tom asked us what our plans were to see the film. Overall it was a great encounter, and a great way to break my losing streak!


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