Chris Hemsworth Visits David Letterman!

Earlier this week I heard about a few different “The Avengers” promo appearances coming up – one of which was Chris Hemsworth on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Friday. If you didn’t already know this, Letterman usually tapes their Friday episodes on Thursday which meant getting to the Ed Sullivan theater nice and early to ensure a spot on the barricade.

Unfortunately the street that Letterman’s side entrance that all guests use was undergoing some major, major road work and the street was shut down. This meant there weren’t any barricades when I got there, and cars were being allowed onto the street by a construction worker stationed to open and close the street when necessary. For the couple of hours I was there waiting for Chris Hemsworth’s arrival the construction workers and Letterman security must have convened no less than three or four times to re-organize the street which meant moving the trucks, cars, barricades, cones, and anything else that was mobile. Finally, once all the construction vehicles had been moved, Letterman security set up barricades and some how, some way, Brian managed to grab a spot on the barricade. I was right behind him so that when the time came we could easily swap out to ensure that we both got a chance to meet Chris if and when he came over, so we were all set.

When Chris Hemsworth and his wife and entourage finally arrived around 5pm there was no time for him to stop as he needed to head inside and prepare for his interview. While we were exactly thrilled about this considering we had already been waiting quite a few hours and it was raining on and off, Letterman security assured us that Chris would stop for fans on the way out. So we continued to wait it out. A little over an hour later, Chris reappeared. As promised, Letterman security ushered him over to us patiently waiting fans.

I think I asked Chris for a picture five times. I know for a fact he heard me the first two or three, after that I was just grasping at straws and living in denial. As you can see I got a couple shots of him signing autographs, but unfortunately there is no signature shot of us together. I will say that he is unbelievably hot in person. The fact I was able to speak to him at all let alone semi-badger him for a picture I didn’t get is pretty freaking surprising – even to me!

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