Dave Franco Supports Alison Brie’s “The Girls”!

I think it’s safe to assume at this point that pretty much EVERYONE has seen the “21 Jump Street” by now which means you all know who Dave Franco is. If you’re still stumped then here’s a refresher: Not only is Dave an actor, but he is also James Franco’s baby brother, and a Funny or Die superstar. If that’s not good enough for you feel free to take a look at Dave’s IMDb page to review the plethora of acting jobs he’s had over the years. Needless to say, especially to those of you who have seen “21 Jump Street“, Dave Franco’s time is now. He will be a household like his brother before him in no time!

Anyway… while a friend and I were enjoying the sounds of “Jones Street Station“, the band that Alison Brie’sThe Girls” opened for at Le Poisson Rouge on April 7th, a group of guys accumulated behind us. I paid no mind because the crowd had been moving around quite a bit throughout the show since it was standing room only, but my friend turned to me and said, “Is that Dave Franco?” Low and behold I turn around to check out the situation and, sure enough, there he is. Dave Franco. Standing behind us chatting with his dude friends. I don’t remember my reaction because I had what I like to call an ‘excitement black out’ – much like a ‘rage black out’ but probably way healthier. I was originally there to support and (hopefully) meet Alison Brie which as you saw in my post earlier this weekend I succeeded in, but once I saw Dave my mission for the evening changed.

I didn’t bother Dave while he was chatting with his friends behind us because I really, really, really don’t like to bother people during their personal time. It doesn’t matter who they are – if they are not at an event or a scheduled appearance then I usually don’t feel comfortable approaching them and infringing on their privacy. However, once the show was over and the bands were packing up for the night I kept my eyes peeled for Dave in the merch/backstage area and sure enough he appeared! My friend spotted him first and was the one to approach him and ask him for a picture, to which he kindly obliged. He had been standing there sipping his beer and looked like he was waiting for someone, but at that point I was too shy to approach on my own. Don’t judge me! Sometimes this happens. That’s why I was so grateful my friend approached him first, because I took that opportunity to follow suit and ask him for a picture next. Not to brag, but our picture is pretty cute. We look like buddies!

21 Jump Street” is still in theaters so if you are one of the maybe 10 people in the world who haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do so now. In the meantime, here’s an awesome (albeit slightly unrelated) video from the show, the closing performance by both “Jones Street Station” and “The Girls” of “Tall Buildings“:

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3 thoughts on “Dave Franco Supports Alison Brie’s “The Girls”!

  1. I loved him in 21 Jump Street. That IS a cute pic. PS I read that both Franco brothers have multiple cats. That is all.

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