“The Five Year Engagement” Weekend Takeover!

A couple of months ago I got an e-mail inviting me and a guest to a screening of the new Jason Segel and Emily Blunt romantic comedy “The Five Year Engagement“. The movie was pretty hilarious and definitely enjoyable, and I found myself recommending it to all of my friends once I heard it had a spring release date on the way. As usual the stand out character in the film was the comedic supporting role played by Alison Brie, Emily Blunt’s sister in the film. There is one scene specifically that had me in tears which featured Emily and Alison talking back and forth to each other in Elmo and Cookie Monster voices that I just cannot forget! Thankfully I got the chance to tell Alison Brie all about this on April 7th at Le Poisson Rouge where she performed with “The Girls” as an opening act to “Jones Street Station“. Alison was an absolute doll and was psyched to hear I had already seen “The Five Year Engagement” since she hadn’t even seen it herself yet! I have to say, it’s pretty cool when you can gush to someone about how great their film is because you’ve seen it before them. Not to brag or anything.

The cast of “The Five Year Engagement” attended a special screening and Q&A of the film the night before it’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere last week and Jason Segel took the opportunity to surprise one of his biggest fans in the audience. Erica’s fiance Michael got in touch with Yahoo!’s “Ultimate Surprises” after she signed up for an advanced screening of the film to help him set up a surprise proposal with Jason Segel’s assistance. Not only is Jason Segel helping, but both of their friends and families were also in attendance. So he’s proposing to his girlfriend in front of a bunch of celebrities, an audience full of strangers, as well as everyone they have ever known and love. Wow. Talk about taking a risk!

Unfortunately I can’t embed the “Ultimate Surprises” video itself but you can check it out on Yahoo! and I hope you have some tissues handy because I definitely teared up!

Check out the trailer for “The Five Year Engagement” below and be sure to check it out in theaters RIGHT NOW – trust me, it’s worth it!

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4 thoughts on ““The Five Year Engagement” Weekend Takeover!

  1. I saw it last night! It was good but felt like it was kind of long. I also LOVED the cookie monster/elmo scene!!

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