Why I Think Everyone Needs to STFU About Jessica Simpson’s Weight Once & For All!

Jessica Simpson poses nude and pregnant on the April 2012 cover of Elle.

Even though she has been all over the media promoting her new reality show “Fashion Star” on NBC, all anyone can seem to talk about is Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain. It seems that this girl can’t catch a break on her weight – even when nine months pregnant.

According to Us WeeklyThe View” co-host Joy Behar recently said the following: “Remember the time that Jessica Simpson was criticized because she didn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna? That kind of thing is more fun to criticize than the fact that the girl is fat.

Calling a pregnant woman fat is the most tactless thing I think I have ever heard. Especially coming from someone like Joy Behar who is 69 years old and has had children of her own and therefore knows the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. I have never been pregnant myself but even I know that pregnancy is different for every woman, from symptoms and side effects to weight gain and delivery. No two pregnancies can be exactly the same because no two women are exactly the same, and unless the mother to be is smoking, drinking, and doing drugs during her pregnancy no one has any right to judge her for how she handles it.

I think Bonnie Rochman at TIME said it best with the following: “What rankles is that in our looks-are-everything society, Simpson’s critics are pretending to be worried about her health when they’re in fact fretting about her figure.

Jessica Simpson and her infamous "mom jeans" during the peak of her non-pregnancy weight fluctuation.

Of course celebrity moms ranging from Tori Spelling to Bethenny Frankel to Sarah Palin – yes, really, Sarah Palin – jumped at the chance to defend Jessica‘s weight gain, and rightfully so. Even if some of them (looking at you, Palin) may have just done it to make headlines, the fact of the matter is that as time goes on it is becoming less and less acceptable to criticize women for their weight whether it be over or under by society’s standards. Each year more and more young girls are brainwashed by the ‘skinny’ mentality that the Hollywood and worldwide media force down our throats, and each year more and more of those girls, and even boys, are ending up in rehab facilities to treat eating disorders and self-harm which pretty much go hand in hand these days.

Jessica Simpson‘s weight has been under the magnifying glass for as long as I can remember. As a pop culture addict I have seen her weight fluctuate up, down, back, and forth about a dozen or so times in the past ten years. The truth is though that we’ve never seen her be more than a size 8, maybe 10 at her absolute worst, and if the average size of a woman in the United States is a size 14 then wouldn’t that still make her skinnier than the rest of us? Yes, yes it would. I’m bigger than a size 14 by a size or two so if Jessica Simpson is considered fat then you might as well call Oprah and get me my own obesity special on OWN.

Jessica Simpson at her absolute best in 2005's "These Boots Are Made For Walking" music video.

Rumor has it Jessica Simpson has already inked a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to be their new spokeswoman after she drops the baby weight, and when she does I think we will all be in for a treat. Jessica has proven in the past that when she wants to and is motivated enough she can drop down to an almost scary skinny weight like we saw in 2005 for her role as Daisy Duke in “Dukes of Hazzard“. Personally I’ve always been a fan of Jessica because of her natural curves and how, no matter how much scrutiny and criticism she’s endured, she has always remained true to herself without conforming to Hollywood and society’s poor standards.

I can’t wait until Jessica Simpson is sitting on “The View” couch in a few months talking about her weight loss and promoting Weight Watchers while sitting next to Joy Behar who is going to have to eat her nasty, tactless words. I wish I could set my DVR for it now.


4 thoughts on “Why I Think Everyone Needs to STFU About Jessica Simpson’s Weight Once & For All!

  1. It’s not her weight that bothers me, it’s the pregnancy TMI interviews she gives to the press that make me cringe. I feel like I’ve heard way more than a few months’ worth of interviews about this baby.

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