“Bully” & Weinstein Co. Finally Win Rating Battle Against MPAA!

After waging war on the MPAA with the help of fans and online campaigning in hopes of overturning their R rating for the film, the Weinstein Co. has finally won the PG-13 rating “Bully” so deserves after a few small edits to a crucial scene, THR reports.

Bully” is currently in theaters in Los Angeles and New York but will now be more accessible to kids under the age of 18 who are the most crucial audience for the film. The film will also now be allowed to screen in public schools which I think should be mandatory specifically in middle schools across America.

People magazine recently caught up with one of the films subjects Alex Libby who has since moved and is adjusting quite nicely to his new school and fellow students. A nice read if you’ve already seen “Bully” and know Alex’s story!

Follow @BullyMovie on Twiter for updates & check out the trailer for the film on the official site for “Bully“.


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