Charlize Theron’s Phone Hacked?

Um, not exactly.

Yesterday JustJared’s Jared Eng tweeted from his personal account that an ‘A-list actress’ was about to have some scandalous stuff released on the internet and I instantly judged him for that. I even tweeted him and told him that he was better than that because, let’s face it, he is. A couple of hours later this post went up on JustJared of “leaked” cell phone pictures from Charlize Theron’s smartphone. I was out at dinner with friends and we were all instantly excited at the possibilities (because let’s face it – I am NOT better than that) but they were pretty tame and even a little boring.

Then I read the rest of the post and there were red flags everywhere. That she only played Words with Friends in African, that she only draws pictures of Oscar trophies on Draw Something, that she has Foursquare…

Of course today Funny or Die is called ‘Hacked or Die’ and has been completely taken over by Charlize Theron’s ‘hacked’ videos, pictures, etc. While not much of it is actually very funny (sorry Charlize!) it does tell me that she might have a personality. I really enjoy Charlize’s work, and I think she is absolutely gorgeous, but the few times I’ve seen her out at an event or even a talk show appearance she has always been extremely cold and unfriendly.

So, knowing that she at least has a sense of humor for an elaborate April Fools Day joke helps make up for that. I guess.

For the record: My favorite ‘leaked video’ is this one in which Charlize practices her next Oscar speech!


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