Here’s My Favorite Josh Hutcherson Interview For You to Enjoy!

Josh Hutcherson was on Conan this week and he spent approximately five minutes throwing major amounts of shade at crazy (and by crazy I mean slutty) fans. If you made one of the signs or did one of the things Josh is throwing you under the bus for, you have no one to be mad at but yourself. However, I’d like to thank you for your tastelessness because it resulted in this HILARIOUS interview in which the JHutch swoon levels are higher than I am comfortable with. And don’t worry – it doesn’t seem like he’s actually throwing that much shade. For the most part he seems pretty amused with the whole situation!

Marc Malkin confirmed yesterday that Josh Hutcherson would be attending the Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend, and that my other fave Taylor Lautner would be in attendance. I am overwhelmed with fangirl emotions.

What if they sit near each other?

What if they present together?

What if they take a picture together?

Deep breaths. DEEP BREATHS.


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