Lindsay Lohan on Glee? Wait, what?

Oh my God. I have no idea how I feel about this. At first I was enraged at the thought, but then I got excited and before I knew it ‘Rumors’ was playing on repeat and there was no going back.

Michael Ausiello, the king of TV news & exclusives, reports today that Lindsay Lohan is in talks (note: not confirmed) to guest on ‘Glee‘. As who? Well, you’ll have to read his exclusive here for that information.

UPDATE: Lindsay’s rep confirmed to JustJared that she will in fact be guest starring on the show. Woah.

I mean, if she’s gonna sing… I’m in. Lindsay Lohan’s short-lived music career was my second favorite part of her existence, the first obviously being ‘Mean Girls’. Plus I’m already really over ‘Glee‘ anyway so there isn’t much more they can do to make it any worse than it already is.

Enjoy this throwback jam with me:


One thought on “Lindsay Lohan on Glee? Wait, what?

  1. I hope she isn’t. Even before her fall, I wasn’t a fan of her and I don’t think she will do anything positive for Glee.
    Check out my glee blog 🙂

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