“The Hunger Games” : NYC Premiere!

I didn’t know it was happening until the day of, but there was a “The Hunger Games” premiere in New York! Honestly, I had a feeling it was going to happen based on the amount of premieres that were happening all over the world as well as how many cast members were in town, but it was only a theory until Monday morning.

It was a little chaotic because the SVA Theater where the premiere was held is small and there really wasn’t a lot of space for fans to hang out, but we made it work for the most part. Aside from my picture with Isabelle Fuhrman (above!) I didn’t get any other cast members (“The Shunnifer Files” continue), but I did take as much video as possible! Check them all out below.

Stunning Jennifer Lawrence Arriving & Greeting Fans

Isabelle Fuhrman & Liam Hemsworth Arrive & Greet Fans

Jennifer, Josh, & Liam Leaving the Premiere


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