“The Hunger Games” After Party in NYC!

After “The Hunger Games” premiered at the SVA Theater and the cast headed to Barnes & Noble in Union Square for a fan event, my friend Dana & I headed down to The Standard where the after party would be held. There were less than 10 other people there and I was sure that, after a really long day, we would score pretty big during arrivals.

Unfortunately I was wrong. While we did get the opportunity to meet the legendary Stanley Tucci who complimented me on my Mockingjay pin, as well as musician Rob Thomas, Glee’s Cheyenne Jackson, and actress Piper Perabo who told me she hadn’t seen the movie but was just at the party for the cocktails, the main three (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, & Liam Hemsworth) snuck in through a back entrance I didn’t even know existed.

There are some videos below of arrivals and one video of Jennifer Lawrence leaving and continuing “The Shunnifer Files” – and this time without her publicist. This was when I decided that I was going to give up trying to get a picture with her. I also included my pictures with Rob, Cheyenne, & Piper at the end!

Isabelle Fuhrman & Stanley Tucci Arriving

Jennifer Lawrence Leaving

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