Liam Hemsworth visits Good Morning America!

The Hunger Games” are upon us! Tonight millions of Americans will fill theaters at midnight and finally see 2+ hours of “The Hunger Games” starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and – obviously – Liam Hemsworth!

Liam stopped by Good Morning America Tuesday morning for a quick interview and I was there bright and early in hopes of getting a picture with him. When Liam arrived earlier than guests usually do I was sure he was going to stop for fans on the way in, but he didn’t. I was really nervous after this happened because I thought that was so unusual, especially for such a young star promoting such a big movie, but it turned out he had way bigger plans in mind.

Someone in the crowd heard that Liam had come out of the studio in Times Square and was greeting fans right there on Broadway, so we took a walk around the corner and sure enough, there he was! The crowd was much bigger in Times Square but we managed to squeeze onto the end of a barricade, and not only did Liam agree to pictures but he pulled my friends & I into the barricade to do so.

Yes, his eyes are really that blue and gorgeous in person. And yes, his accent is absolutely to due for.

Check out the compilation of video I put together of Liam greeting his fans at Good Morning America below!

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