George Clooney Getting Arrested is the Best Thing to Happen for Sudan

This morning George Clooney was arrested during a protest outside of the Sudan Embassy in Washington DC. It’s all over my Twitter feed, as well as the Trending Topics, and it is bound to be all over every gossip/celebrity site on the internet before I even finish writing this post.

Though it sucks for George, I imagine he knows how much attention and light will be brought to Sudan’s situation thanks to it.

They are going to post candids of him being handcuffed and arrested with his father Nick Clooney, and they are also going to show you footage, but I included the video of why George Clooney was arrested outside of the Sudan Embassy for you to watch instead. Most people will see that he was arrested and want to find out why and then turn to the internet to see what could possibly be going on in Sudan that would cause George Clooney to risk breaking the law, so here I make it really easy for you. I debated posting this video the other day when it premiere on YouTube, and probably should have, but now I have all the more reason to.

In a nutshell: Omar al-Bashir is trying to “wipe out” the ethnic blacks in Sudan so that the Arabs can come in and take over. They are doing this by bombing villages filled with people – including children.

You can learn more about the fight for Sudan’s freedom at – an organization affiliated with Invisible Children.


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