One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ is finally released in the US!

The time is finally upon us, US Directioners! One Direction’s “Up All Night” was released here in the states as of midnight last night and is currently holding steady at the #1 spot on iTunes. Actually, to be more specific, the #1 spot on iTunes is the deluxe version, and the #2 spot is the regular version. Basically One Direction owns the world right now!

A friend of mine got a tip that the boys would be visiting fans lined up at the Today Show on Sunday morning, so after picking up our wristbands at the Sunrise Mall that morning and realizing we had enough time to make it back to the city we did just that. One Direction showed up just a little after 12 noon with snacks for everyone who had been waiting on line and even signed some autographs and took some pictures. All of the fans at the Today Show were extremely well behaved as well which just goes to show you that when you listen to authority, stay behind the barricade, and act like someone who was raised in a civil home and taught manners will get you everything. I included my pictures with 1D below!

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