VIDEO: One Direction Arriving at Z100!

Today marks One Direction’s first ever visit to Z100 in New York! This afternoon the guys arrived around 1:30pm to a crowd of waiting fans for their live chat and performance, and on their way in they took a few minutes to wave hi to fans from inside the garage. Unfortunately the crowds have been a little unruly so they haven’t been able to do much stopping to take pictures and sign autographs, but that is no one’s fault other than the fans themselves.

Note: If you are a fan trying to see One Direction in New York this weekend, calm down. Seriously. Moving barricades, blocking sidewalks, ignoring doormen and security, knocking on van windows, shoving other fans, and all other unruly activities do nothing but ruin it for EVERYONE – including you. So calm down. Listen to security. Because if everyone just behaves the guys will be able to stop and you might actually get the chance to meet them and not just see them from a distance because you and your friends were acting like psychos on the street.


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