Rose Byrne & Freida Pinto are Fun & Fearless!

On Monday night Cosmopolitan magazine hosted a ceremony for their Fun Fearless Men & Women Awards at the Mandarin Oriental. Among the honored were familiar names such as Sam Worthington, Lucy Hale, Paul Rudd, Dakota Fanning, and Liam Hemsworth. Of course I was there super early in hopes of meeting some of the honorees of the evening, but unfortunately I hadn’t thought in advance that if the awards were being held in a hotel that the guests might be staying in the hotel… Most of the people I was really excited to meet, I didn’t. Liam Hemsworth was among them as I’m trying to meet ‘The Hunger Games‘ cast, but it just was not my time I guess.

However I did get the chance to snap a quick picture with honoree ‘Bridesmaids’ star Rose Byrne (SCORCESE! Drink. Now.) while she was on her way out, as well as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star and honoree Freida Pinto which was pretty cool since I had never met her before! It was a little chaotic so not much was exchanged as far as conversation, but it was still a fun night.

I also got to see Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, & Dakota Fanning when they were leaving! Overall the night wasn’t a complete and total loss, so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

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