One Direction + Me = Utter Happiness!

So, today was the day. The day I have been waiting for since God knows when. I finally, finally, finally got to see mega uber hot super awesome British-Irish boy band loves of my life One Direction up close and in person. I wish that I had a more spectacular way of talking about what happened this afternoon… but I am still so mesmerized and floating on air about all of it that I don’t even know where to start or how to go about it. It was beautiful. It was just absolutely beautiful.

I was the first fan waiting at the ‘Big Time Movie‘ premiere today and it was well, well worth it. I’m not going to lie to you – I didn’t even see the guys from Big Time Rush. I know that it was their movie premiere and everything, but once I knew One Direction was going to be there I had 125% tunnel vision.

We had been waiting for a little over four hours by the time the red carpet started and the first people to arrive were none other than One Direction. Their van pulled too far up and they ended up getting let out right in front of the fan barricade which was AMAZING. I didn’t know what to do and I remember running up to the barricade and watching them get out, and then when they started stopping for pictures I approached them and ended up getting a picture with Zayn. I didn’t know that my camera was zoomed so it’s a really, really close cropped picture but I DON’T CARE. In the video you can also see Liam waving (and winking!!!) at me when I call his name, and since he’s my favorite I am one happy girl right now.

I have a wristband for their signing on Monday at J&R so expect lots more 1D posts in the next few days!

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