Jessica Simpson Looks GORGEOUS on the Cover of ELLE!

Oh. My. God. Okay, okay, okay… let me first explain something to you. I love Jessica Simpson. Like I L-O-V-E Jessica Simpson… and have since early adolescence. I own every CD she’s ever made – including the bad ones – as well as the complete series of ‘Newlyweds’ on DVD and her book. Somewhere in my aunts house is a plastic storage bin filled with EVERY magazine cover she has ever done. I could go on about this completely irrational borderline psychotic love for Jessica Simpson, but you might get scared.

ANYWAY. Today Elle magazine revealed Jessica Simpson’s pregnant and nude cover – which is GORGEOUS! I am OBSESSED.

Not only did she do a nude and pregnant photoshoot, but she also revealed that she is having a baby girl AND that there is a sitcom in development for her. My fangirl heart EXPLODES!!

Somewhere Nick Lachey‘s publicist weeps.


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