Did you watch Jason Isaacs in ‘Awake’ last week?

Last Thursday while I was at the NBC building (30 Rock!) I saw Jason Isaacs heading in to do some press for his new prime time drama ‘Awake‘. It was a chance encounter that I was not expecting at all, and I was fortunate enough to ask Jason for a quick picture before he headed in with an NBC publicist. I’m not a huge ‘Harry Potter‘ fan but I do know Jason Isaacs from ‘Abduction‘ with Taylor Lautner, and I have featured him on PFG before with a picture I took at the NBC Upfronts last spring. It was great seeing him again!

I had been excited for ‘Awake‘ for a couple of weeks so getting to meet Jason on the day of the premiere was pretty cool. The Hollywood Reporter shared that ‘Awake‘ brought in just over 6 million viewers and took the #1 ratings spot for the 10PM hour. Without giving away any spoilers I thought the show was really, really good and a completely unique concept. Watching the two worlds collide and not knowing which is reality was definitely what will keep me coming back for more, because I love a good mind-blowing. My theory, for now, is that Jason Isaacs‘ character is in purgatory. He’s not dead or alive, and neither of his “realities” are in fact reality. But I guess we will see!

I featured the full trailer for ‘Awake‘ below just in case you haven’t seen the first episode, which you can watch on NBC.com right here to catch up!

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