GIVEAWAY: “The Hunger Games” Official Mockingjay Pin!

In honor of it being March 1st and FINALLY the release month of the highly anticipated “The Hunger Games” movie (22 days!) I will be giving away an official Mockingjay pin to 1 lucky U.S. PFG reader! I was given the pin back in November at Good Morning America when Josh Hutcherson premiered the full length trailer from their Times Square studio. It is brand new and unopened!

Also, the contest ends on March 15th at midnight EST, I will announce the winner on March 16th, and the pin will be mailed out that weekend which gives it plenty of time to arrive to you so that you can wear it at your midnight screening!

All you have to do is COMMENT this post with the following:

  • AGE

Winner will be picked at random. Make sure when you comment that you fill out the fields with a correct e-mail address so that I can contact you. I will be e-mailing you to confirm your U.S. address before I will announce that you have won, so it will be mandatory that I be able to contact you. Please do not leave any personal information such as your address in the actual comments!



85 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: “The Hunger Games” Official Mockingjay Pin!

  1. Shelley
    I look forward to the scene where Katniss has to climb in the tree when the careers are after her.. i don’t know why but the way she acted towards them made me laugh :p

  2. Patrick K.
    I cant wait to see the scenes with Rue and Katniss together. I love Rue so much and her and Katniss together will kick butt. Just to see Katniss at Rue’s side as she dies will be hard to watch but very meaningful. DWTC

  3. FIRST NAME: Brinkley Angeli Deticio

    AGE: 12 years young

    TELL ME WHICH SCENE YOU ARE MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ON THE BIG SCREEN : The part where Katniss and Peeta were in the cave. :3

  4. Stefanie
    The scene I’m looking forward the most is the flashback where little Peeta gives little Katniss the burned bread.

  5. I’m looking forward to the Cornucopia blood bath, it’s probably gonna be one of the most exciting scenes, the tributes dying, the careers it’s just gonna be awesome if not then the whole movie.

  6. I am excited for everything but especially the cave scenes because they really pull Peeta and Katniss together and show alot of their character dynamics.

  7. SO hard to choose one scene! Def can’t wait to see Katniss look like she’s on fire in the parade.

    Age: 24

  8. Joshua

    I cannot wait to see the katniss as the “girl on fire” and the first scene in the arena where everyone runs to the cornucopia to get supplies

  9. Alicia
    The scene I’m looking forward to watching the most is how the movie will portray how the tributes die.

  10. Viki, 49
    I’m looking forward to the scene at the end with the berries. I want to see the faces of the Capital jerks when Katniss and Peeta are going to leave them with no winner.


  11. Ashley
    I am most looking forward to seeing the scene where Katniss shoots the arrow though the apple in the pigs mouth. I think that is going to be a very powerful scene!

  12. Roward, 17. The scene that I’m really looking forward to see come to life is the tracker jacker scene. It’s one of the turning points of the story where it was implied that Katniss could actually outsmart and fight with the Careers. Words can’t express my excitement for this movie.

  13. Raine
    I honestly can’t wait for the whole entire movie, but the scene were Katniss & Peeta are talking on the roof, before the games. “I just wish I could think of a way to show the capitol that they don’t own me… I’m more than just a piece in their games!”

  14. Leah
    I really liked the part when Peeta is dying and Katniss gets in the sleeping bag with him and warms him up and they kiss and its really cute- I can’t wait to see the movie and how they will portray the various scenes onto the big screen!!!
    so excited!!!!

  15. Age: 24

    Fav. Scene: I Can’t wait to see how Katniss’ dress would look like she’s on “fire” during the parade.

  16. Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m 18 years old, and I am most looking forward to the scene when Katniss is alone in the tree and hears the announcement about being able to work with her district partner and shouts out Peeta’s name. (I really hope they didn’t cut it!)

  17. Jessica
    I am really looking forward to the scene where Katniss sings and the mockingjays sing back the song.Also when she covers Rue’s body with flowers and gives the three finger salute to District 11.

  18. The scene I am most looking forward to? It’s hard to choose. Yet I’d probably say the scene where Katniss sings to Rue. It will be the most heart wrenchingly sweet moment and I’ll no doubt be sat there in floods of tears.

  19. Hilary
    I’m looking forward to the scene where Peeta admits his feelings for Katniss in front of everyone. I think the fact that the dynamic of their relationship changes there will be amazing.

  20. Brian

    I am 24… For now

    I am most looking forward to the scene where they blow up the tribute’s food and Cato loses his shit, I’m also hoping he loses his shirt. Right? Can I get an Amen?

  21. Veena
    I can’t wait to see the scene where Katniss drugs Peeta and says “who can’t lie, Peeta?” and then kisses him. 🙂

  22. Olivia, 14
    I’m obviously massively excited for the whole thing, but the cave scene is my favorite, it’s just so cute! So I can’t wait for the Katniss and Peeta romance in the cave 🙂

  23. FIRST NAME: Brooke
    AGE: 19

    OMG. The scene in the Cornucopia when the games begin and Katniss doesn’t immediately run like Haymitch suggested.

  24. Name: Daysi
    Age: 15
    I am looking forward to the scene when Katniss finds out that the two people from the same district can win and she yells Peeta’ s name. I really hope they keep that in the movie. It just showed how much Katniss actually cared about him.:)

  25. Name: Layla
    Age: 22
    I’m looking forward to everything, but mostly I want to see the start of the game and the Cornucopia! Also the big fights with the Careers.

  26. Name: Madison
    Age: 14
    Really excited for the Tracker Jacker scene and when Katniss destroys the Careers’ food supply.

  27. Name: Molly
    Age: 12
    I can’t wait to see the cave scene!! I think all the stuff from
    the arena is going to be great!! 😀

  28. Name: Charmaine
    Age: 30
    I’m really looking forward to the tracker jacker scene. I just think that there is so much going on that scene with her up in the tree and the careers waiting and then what happens after. Going to be very exciting.

  29. Cody


    I anticipate the scene where Katniss shoots the apple out of the pig’s mouth in her private session the most, because there is just so much emotion that adds up to that scene and is released in that single shot — as well as the fact that I REALLY want to see the sponsors’ faces.

  30. Kelsey


    I am looking forward to the the cave scenes between Katniss and Peeta, specifically when Peeta is sick. Yess, a bit cruel, however that’s when Katniss and Peeta fianlly connect. I mean, they have before but that’s when the emotion really got to me. I really knew what they meant to each other. And I could really feel the emotion and care they had for each other like I was there watching them.

    Thanks!! 🙂

  31. Molly.
    16 (same age as Katniss when she enters the games! :O)

    I’m excited to see the scene of the procession of the tributes of each District, when Katniss and Peeta wear the fiery costumes designed by Cinna to represent District 12 — and show how they’re not to be trifled with!

    Why is this the scene I’m most looking forward to seeing? Well, this is ESSENTIAL to the story of The Hunger Games, because it is the moment that sets in stone Katniss’ revolutionary reputation as “the Girl on Fire.” Plus, I’ve always pictured in my head what the “girl on fire” costume looks like, and I’m excited to see how my ideas will compare with what will be on screen (hope I won’t be disappointed!) I’m dying to see how movie does the story justice!!!!!!

  32. Lauren, i’m 13.
    I’m looking forward the most to the scene with the poisonous berries.
    I feel like it’s a very important scene and I wonder how they will put it.

  33. Shawnya
    I really can’t wait for the cave scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book, and I feel like they’re doing a pretty good job at keeping it under wraps, so I’m really excited to see what they do with it!

  34. Tiffany
    I’m most looking forward to the cave scenes with Katniss & Peeta. That will be so sweet!

  35. Joanna
    I’m really looking forward to seeing Katniss, Peeta, and Cato fighting for their lives against the capitols mutant animals that are based on the other tributes that we’re killed! 😀

  36. Erika
    I’m so excited to see the scene where Katniss and Rue become allies, because that’s when you see that Katniss is willing to open up to someone, and actually caring for Rue. Thanks!

  37. Hi! Lauren, 33…
    I’m generally on pins and needles about the whole film, but looking forward especially to seeing her initial interactions with Cinna and her prep team transformations. Also Rue and the 3-finger salute.

  38. Karli,age 14-Im most excited to see the Ceaser interviews where Peeta openly announces his love for Katniss. Oh,and the cave scenes. And the berry scenes…

  39. 18

    I’m really looking forward to the scene where Katniss starts her alliance with Rue. I also really want to see the parade of tributes with Katniss and Peeta’s coal outfits.

  40. Im Brittany, I’m 15 years old, and the scene that i am mostly looking forward to is the scene when Katniss is taking care of Peeta when she first finds him, camouflaged on the forest floor.

  41. Margi
    I’m definitely most excited for Peeta’s interview with Ceaser. Also when Katniss puts Rue to sleep with flowers and the song. Both parts, along with countless others, are my favorites and I can’t wait to see them come to life on the big screen!

  42. Name- Jasmine
    Age- 12
    The scene I’m most looking forward to- When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are running from the mutts and Katniss notices their eyes. She guesses they are the dead tributes come back as mutts. Her and Peeta run to the cornicopia and climb up but so does Cato. Cato grabs Peeta and tries to feed him to the mutts but then he ends up falling and dying. Once he’s dead they think they’ve one but then Claudius Templsmith tells them only one can survive. So they fight over who’s going to die. Katniss says they should poison each other with the berries so they do but there has to be at least one victor. So Claudius Templsmith says they both can survive. They spit out the berries and go to Panem to make a full recovery.

  43. Age: 24
    I’m looking forward to seeing Katniss and Rue climbing through the trees and outsmarting the careers!

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  45. FIRST NAME: Ashley
    AGE: 26
    TELL ME WHICH SCENE YOU ARE MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ON THE BIG SCREEN: The look on the Judges faces when Katniss shoots the arrow straight through the apple in the pig’s mouth.

  46. Christie:13 the scene i want to see the most is when peeta and Katniss are in the cave together and she gives him sleeping potion to go get the bag so they can survive

  47. Hanna
    I really looking forward to all the scenes with the Foxface and with the Glimmer! They’re my favourite characters (of course my next fav character is Katniss) 🙂 ♥
    So, Happy Hunger Games! 😉

  48. Florence, 20.
    Definitely want to see Rue in all her cute, bamf action. Also really want to see the parts where Katniss is supposed to sing.

    Happy hunger games!

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  50. Name: Sarah
    Age: 14
    Scene: I am soooo thrilled 🙂 For the movie in general, I mean! But I have a feeling that my favorite scene will be….Rue. I ❤ Rue. She gives Katniss something Katniss refused to have or show–affection. Katniss resists her mother, Prim (a little), Gale, Peeta….but not Rue.

    "My thanks to the people of District Eleven…."

    –Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  51. Name: Heather
    Age: 40

    Most looking forward to the cave scenes; my 12 yr old son is looking forward to the violent scenes with Cato.

  52. Age 15
    The interviews, chariot rides, mutant wolves, the nightlock suicide attempt and of course the cave scene 😀

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