Oh my God. The time has come. One Direction are back in America and this time they are here to stay. (Erm, at least for like, a month.)

The fab five boys arrived at Chicago O’Hare’s Airport to a gaggle of teenage girls squealing in delight over being in their presence. It looks like the boys did a lot of shunning, but after the insanity that was their arrival at LAX a few weeks ago I imagine they were trying to to accommodate the airport and security more than their fans – which no one can be mad at them for. I also love that they got right on a tour bus. What’s a girl gotta do to play some Xbox on the American road with these lads?

Their first American show is tomorrow night in Chicago opening for Big Time Rush, then they are off to Detroit, Toronto, and… New York.

I cannot be held accountable for the shameful amount of time I will spend in their presence. Temporary insanity, I’ll say.


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