MTV: Demi Lovato’s “Stay Strong” Special to Air March 6th @ 10PM!

On March 6th @ 10PM exclusively on MTY Demi Lovato will be opening up about her issues: self-harm, eating disorders, the whole nine yards. The trailer, which premiered on MTV last night at 11PM during the “It Gets Better” special, starts off with Demi stating the following:

“I never thought that I’d be a role model. When I first started in the industry everyone just, kind of, made me a role model. And I hated that.

While most of today’s starlets refuse to embrace their role model status and use it for the greater good, Demi has finally been able to embrace it. Now she is taking her experience as a troubled teen and using them so that other teens who might be suffering from the same issues she did will bravely seek the necessary help and treatment they need.

Other young celebrities should take note. Just saying!


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