Alexz Johnson “Kick Starts” 2012 Tour!

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend the day with Alexz Johnson as she filmed a PSA for The Charter Project which is helping spread awareness to Canadians about their freedoms and rights through 1982’s Constitution Act. Other recognizable Canadian celebrities like Vanessa Lengies,  Howie Mandel, and Kristen Kreuk have gotten involved with The Charter Project as well.

After her PSA taping Alexz and I headed to Brooklyn and she showed me her new favorite vegan place to grab a bite which is where we discussed her recent Kickstarter Project as well as what she has in mind for her upcoming tour. If you haven’t see her Kickstarter page, which met it’s goal of $30,000 in a very impressive 24 hours, it’s now up to $54,000 and counting and still has another 30 days left. Alexz‘s fans have banded together to support her independent music career and because of their impressive turnout Alexz now has all sorts of different labels, managers, and agents interested in taking her on.

Alexz told me that as well as making a plan to hit most if not all of the areas in which her Kickstarter donations came from on tour, she would also love to tack on as opener for other artists to help expand her fan base. Some of the bands/artists she mentioned were along the likes of Matt Nathanson and Jacks Mannequin, while I suggested artists like Bobby Long and Sam Bradley. I can assure you that Alexz is putting a lot of thought into planning and preparing the perfect tour to keep her fan base happy as well as widen it! She’s got a three year work visa that will allow her to stay in America and tour as much as possible, too! And even though she is being considered by so many different suits she is only considering what would be best for her music, which is something she should be proud of considering how quickly other artists like to sell out at the sound of empty promises.

As of right now Alexz released her latest EP “Skipping Stone”  independently via her web-site (, and the official music video for the single “Skipping Stone” (embedded below!) was recorded in her Brooklyn apartment.

I plan on keeping you updated on Alexz as the Kickstarter comes to a close, the tour gets put together, and her music soars. For now you music lovers in LA can check out Alexz‘s “StageIt” show live from The Coffee Bean on 2/28 @ 7PM PST/10PM EST. According to the web-site there are only 6 tickets left, but Alexz is giving away 10 free passes on her Twitter by RT’ing this tweet!


4 thoughts on “Alexz Johnson “Kick Starts” 2012 Tour!

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  2. “For now you music lovers in LA can check out Alexz‘s “StageIt” show live from The Coffee Bean on 2/28 @ 10PM.” In L.A., Alexz’s StageIt show is at 7PM PST. If you live on the east coast, it’s at 10PM EST. 🙂

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