Why is Lindsay Lohan hosting SNL?

I just do not understand this at all. What-so-ever.

First of all, aren’t hosting duties on SNL usually done in line with the promotion of something? A quick look at her IMDb page tells me that she only has one project due for release this year – but it’s a real winner that currently lacks an actual release date so that can’t possibly be the reason behind this.

Since I couldn’t find any reason for Lindsay to host SNL (and no, her ‘Playboy’ cover does not qualify) I have created a list of other people more qualified and deserving of the opportunity:

  • Paul Rudd or Jennifer Aniston – To promote ‘Wanderlust’ which is released 2/24.
  • Tyler Perry – To promote “Good Deeds” which is released 2/24.
  • Amanda Seyfried – To promote “Gone” which is released 2/24.
  • Zac Efron – To promote “The Lorax” which is released 3/2.
  • Taylor Kitsch – To promote “John Carter” which is released 3/9.
  • Adam Scott (since Maya Rudolph had hosting duties this week) – To promote “Friends with Kids” which is released 3/9.
  • Any/All of “The Hunger Games” cast – Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Helmsworth, Josh Hutcherson – which is released 3/23.

I know that SNL could probably use the ratings that someone like Lindsay Lohan would bring them, but it’s also going to bring a lot more scrutiny than anything. Unless there is a “Mean Girls” reunion I can’t imagine the episode being worth it. We all know Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried are above all of that anyway these days, so sadly that would never even happen. Maybe we’ll get Lacey Chabert, if anything.

Of course I will be watching this hot mess no matter how much shade I throw at it, because sadly I’m a sheep. A sheep who loves hot messes.


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