GUEST BLOG: Damian McGinty at Forever 21 in LA!

I have thrown around the idea of letting friends guest blog since I started the site, so I am excited to share my good friend Melinda’s blog with you all! Huge thank you to Melinda for the write up as well as the exclusive pictures. I happen to love Damian (he was my ‘Glee Project’ favorite) so I’m happy to see him doing events! – LC

First off I would like to thank Lauren so much for giving me the chance to do a guest post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog and enjoy reading about all of her fun celeb adventures. Just to preface this: I am not a Professional Fan Girl. I am just a lowly entertainment publicist in Los Angeles and I am blessed to have the chance to participate in lots of fun events from time to time.

This weekend I was invited to hang out at a publicist friend’s clients signing. I knew that it was Damian McGinty and that it would be at Forever 21, but didn’t really know anything else. When I arrived at Forever 21 at Hollywood & Highland, I knew immediately that this was going to be way bigger than I had thought. I have met Damian a few times at this point but I haven’t seen the newest season of ‘Glee‘, so I really had no idea what kind of fan base to expect.  There were 2 very long lines of excited fans that lined Hollywood Blvd outside of the store! Inside the store I found my friend and Damian at the signing area. In order for fans to be able to meet Damian they had to purchase $40 worth of Forever 21 merchandise and one of those items had to be from the new ‘Glee‘ line.

I stood around for a few minutes and out came the Fox crew, my friend, and Damian. They gave me an event pass so that I could take lots of photos for Damian and help with crowd control a little. Damian filmed a brief interview with Fox and then went outside to talk with the waiting fans. After that they started letting the first fans in to meet him, and they were all so gracious and excited.  Each fan got an autograph from Damian and could take a photo if they would like. After meeting Damian each fan was gifted an awesome “I’m A Gleek” slushy cup! Forever 21 traded their normal music for the ‘Glee‘ soundtracks and it was like one big dance party. Everyone was singing along and it was so fun!

It started drizzling outside so the amazing Forever 21 staff started hustling and helping fans take their photos so no one would have to stand in the rain. Being the amazing guy that he is Damian insisted that he get to meet all of the fans who had been waiting so they let the signing go for longer than originally intended. It was so great to see all of the fans so happy! Many of the fans brought gifts for him which was just too sweet and apparently people had even flown in to meet him. It was such a surreal experience to be a part of it all.

All in all, everyone had a terrific time singing, dancing and hanging out. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Damian!

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2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG: Damian McGinty at Forever 21 in LA!

  1. Hey! I was there and I was one of the fans that met him and I was just wondering if you had more pictures? Because if there are some of me and my friends I would love to have a chance to see them 🙂

    • These are all the pictures Melinda sent me! Check some Glee fan sites for professional pictures, maybe you are in one of those.

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