‘The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond’ Track Listing!

Last night the track listing was released for ‘The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond‘ aka the soundtrack to the highly anticipated ‘The Hunger Games‘ and I am in LOVE with it already!

1. ‘Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars)’ – Taylor Swift
2. ‘Eyes Wide Open’ – Taylor Swift
3. ‘Abraham’s Daughter’ – Arcade Fire
4. ‘The Ruler & The Killer’ – Kid Cudi
5. ‘Run Daddy Run (feat. Pistol Annies)’ – Miranda Lambert
6. ‘Kingdom Come’ – The Civil Wars
7. ‘One Engine’ – The Decemberists
8. ‘Take The Heartland’ – Glen Hansard
9. ‘Lover Is Childlike’ – The Low Anthem
10. ‘Dark Days’ – Punch Brothers
11. ‘Tomorrow Will Be Kinder’ – The Secret Sisters
12. ‘Just a Game’ – Birdy
13. ‘Oh Come & Sing’ – Ella Mae Bowen
14. ‘Rules’ – Jayme Dee
15. ‘Reaping Day’ – Carolina Chocolate Drops
16. ‘Give Me Something I’ll Remember’ – Neko Case
17. ‘Safe & Sound (Bonus Video)’ – Taylor Swift

You’ve already heard the Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) track ‘Safe & Sound‘ – and don’t forget the video premieres tonight on MTV.com with an exclusive MTV First: Taylor Swift’ hosted by Sway Calloway. Aside from another Taylor Swift track, an Arcade Fire track, as well as more from The Civil Wars and The Decemberists, I am most excited to hear the Kid Cudi track. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see him on this soundtrack, but he is an incredible talent so I’m very much looking forward to hearing his contribution.

BRB going to pre-order my copy on iTunes right now!


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