NYFW: Gabe Saporta at Tommy Hilfiger!

While Fashion Week went full steam ahead last week I have been taking the time to pick and choose carefully which shows I hit up for sightings. If I’ve learned anything from the past couple of Fashion Week’s I’ve been around, it’s that every day is a hit or a miss. It’s a rare occasion you can actually predict who will be at what show, and even if you can it’s usually only one person you can peg. Not to mention the weather here in New York has been pretty brutal, so I would rather be selective enough that I don’t come out of NYFW with pneumonia or the flu.

One of the shows that is usually pretty good for a celebrity guest or two is Tommy Hilfiger. In September I got to meet Kellan Lutz and Ed Westwick, as well as see James Marsden on his way out. When I heard the Tommy Hilfiger show was Friday evening up at the Lexington Armory I took the ride up there with fingers crossed and my camera ready to go. There were quite a few people waiting at the front entrance so I joined them, but it turned out all the  VIP’s were arriving at the back entrance none of us knew existed. By the time we made our way back there everyone was inside and the show had started, so all we could do was wait.

When the show was over Bradley Cooper was the first to leave, though he only took one picture with a fan before getting in his car to leave. In his defense there were quite a few people waiting at the back entrance by this point and zero security or barricades which makes for an unsafe and usually not-so-fun situation. Next up was Kellan Lutz who, as always, took a few pictures before leaving, followed by Cobra Starship‘s Gabe Saporta. Since I hadn’t gotten to meet Bradley and didn’t even attempt Kellan since I had already met him last week, I jumped at the chance to meet Gabe. Thankfully we have a mutual friend and if it hadn’t been for Brian being there I may not have gotten this picture. Praise Brian’s light!

Victor Cruz had also been in attendance but didn’t bother stopping for anyone on his way out. I do have to say, he’s very handsome in person!

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