Happy 20th Birthday Taylor Lautner!

It is official: here on the east coast Taylor Lautner is 20 years old! Not only is he no longer a teenager, but in exactly 364 days he will be able to drink – LEGALLY! Not that I think he is going to go out and get his booze on or anything, but still. MILESTONE! During his 20th year Taylor will premiere the final installment of Twilight (thank GOD) and though he doesn’t have anything officially lined up or confirmed at the moment I am sure he will soon start working on some great projects. And I will be first in line for ALL of them. Literally every single one. Promise.

In honor of Taylor‘s 20th birthday I have compiled a list of things he should do this year. Kind of like goals. Ready?

1.) Finally get on Twitter. (And follow me, of course, since it was my idea and everything.)

2.) Go on a date with me. (Just one. I’ll settle for one!)

3.) Take a nice long tropical vacation somewhere ridiculously private and expensive. (Fiji? St. Lucia? If I pick, can I come with?)

4.) Film something in New York. (This is not a selfish goal on my end. Nope. Not at all.)

5.) Take over his Official Facebook page. (We 14 million fans would love some REAL updates from Taylor. Occasional pictures and video would be ace, too!)

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the west coast for his celebrations, but he knows I am there in spirit. Save me a piece of cake, Taylor!

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