This video makes me feel better about skipping out on trying to meet Brad Pitt.

Yesterday I debated going to The Daily Show to see Brad Pitt almost all day. It’s Brad Pitt. Who doesn’t want to meet Brad Pitt, right?

Somewhere around 3pm I decided against it, if only because I hadn’t even attempted to get ready and I knew that I wouldn’t have been early enough to get on the barricade. Usually The Daily Show is relatively easy, but I assumed everyone and their mother would be there for Brad Pitt. By the looks of this video, I was right.

I want to point out three things:

1.)  The photographers are insane. Do you hear them screaming bloody murder? They are screaming at Radio Man, security, and Brad. His back is to you because he’s signing autographs, even if everyone moves you’re not going to get any good shots. So shut up.

2.) For those of you that don’t know how to spot them, all of those people holding pictures and posters in Brad’s direction, climbing over each other trying to get things signed? Those are sellers, those aren’t fans. In a situation like this, they are the bane of every fans existence.

3.) The only actual fans I could spot in this video were close to the door, hidden under 8×10’s and arms, and it looks like they were trying to get a picture. It also looks like Brad wanted to give them one, but since the sellers didn’t move for either of them it didn’t happen. That would have been me, so I’m glad I stayed home.

Do you like how even though he signed AND posed for the photographers, he STILL got boo’d? What’s the man gotta do? Cut off a lock of his hair?  Hand out viles of his own blood?


3 thoughts on “This video makes me feel better about skipping out on trying to meet Brad Pitt.

  1. Hi Lauren! It’s Victoria, I met you at Kelly on Monday for Channing Tatum. Me and Erin went to see Brad Pitt and it was insanity! I luckily was standing right next to his car and on his way out and before he got back in his car I handed him my magazine and marker and got a quick signature. And he threw my marker back to me after he got in the car. My friends unfortunately didn’t get signatures but one girl in the front of the gate did get a quick pick with Brad before he went inside. And there were maybe ten fans max and the rest were damn sellers.

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