Kevin McHale visits ‘Live! with Kelly’ during chaos!

The scene outside of the ‘Live! with Kelly’ on the day Kevin McHale was a guest was beyond chaotic. There was a strong Gleek presence but, unfortunately, Kim Kardashian was also on the show that day which meant there were a ton of her fans (don’t worry, I can’t believe she has actual fans either) as well as paparazzi galore ready to pounce on any and every person who arrived and left. Oh, and Lucy Lawless was a guest that day as well. Random assortment, right?

When my friend Brian and I got there we missed everyone’s arrivals and security had already put up barricades so we picked a side and settled in for the wait. By the time Kevin’s car was pulled into the garage the crowd had multiplied and now not only were the barricades full, but the photographers and a couple groups of obnoxious fans who don’t know how to listen decided to wait outside of the barricades. At this point I figured it was going to be a complete fail because why would anyone want to walk out into that sort of chaos? Not only is it unsafe, but quite frankly if a crowd isn’t going to listen and follow rules then I don’t think they deserve to meet ANYONE. I know that it would have sucked for those of us who do listen, but still. And I will admit that right before Kevin McHale came out Brian and I decided to leave the barricade as well because we thought it was our only chance… but when the garage door opened and security brought Kevin McHale out they told us, basically: barricades or NOTHING. They even ushered him through the insane crowd to the barricades so that he couldn’t stop for anyone outside of them, which I thought was brilliant. Brian and I took our rightful space behind the girls that had intelligently stayed there and waited our turn.

Kevin was AWESOME. He took plenty of pictures and kept his cool even in the ridiculousness that was the crowd. I’ve included video so you can get a taste of what it was like. I blame Kim Kardashian for everything, just so we’re clear.

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