‘The Mentalist’s Simon Baker signs autographs at David Letterman!

Simon Baker from ‘The Mentalist‘ made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last week. On his way inside he didn’t stop for fans and this led everyone into a discussion about how he’s not usually very nice, how he never stops for fans, and how we had a better chance of flying pigs making their way down 53rd Street that night than getting to meet him. Well, as my video proves, they were wrong.

Not only did Simon come over to sign some autographs but he was looking for one specific fan: a woman who had shown up at 11am that morning to meet him but left after being discouraged by the people around us who said he wouldn’t do it, especially after he skipped us on the way in. You can even hear him in my video asking, “Where is she? Did she leave?” If I were that woman I would be so upset with myself! Then again that’s probably why I am always waiting out in the cold for entirely too long.. because I never allow myself to be discouraged.

I also want to give props to Simon Baker‘s publicist/assistant/the lady that was with him that night. She made sure all the fans got pictures and even though he had skipped me due to the chaos around me, she took my camera from me and told him to take a picture with me before leaving, which he did! Unfortunately at the same time she was trying to take our picture a bunch of photographers were leaning over her shoulder snapping pictures and their flashes screwed up my picture, but still. The effort was there and I will appreciate that lady forever!


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