It Appears Some Clarification Is Needed…

Alright, I’d like to take a moment to write up a quick personal blog in regards to some comments I’ve seen on other web-sites in regard to me and my web-site. Usually I don’t mind when other fans take my blogs, pics, and videos and share them amongst their own fan communities but what you might not know is that WordPress allows me access to see where my things are being posted and cross-referenced. I like to see where my blogs, pictures, and videos are posted because it gives me an opportunity to see what you fans like to see. Do you prefer videos to pictures? Do you want to know every single detail I can remember or do you not care so much for the text? Etc, etc. It’s interesting for me to see where the information I am able to provide gets taken and how it gets discussed among you, my fellow fans. But I think some of you might be missing the point that I am, in fact, simply just a fan like you.

First and foremost, I am not nor will I ever be an autograph collector or seller. I do not get things signed to sell on eBay or any other web-site, and aside from things I’ve gotten signed for my self and my self only, I rarely ever even get autographs while I am out. Once I tried to get Taylor Lautner to sign some Abduction posters while he was here promoting the film so that I could give them away here on this web-site, but I only got one signed and I decided to keep it for my self. That is the only time I ever tried to get something signed and it wasn’t even for my own benefit, it would have been for yours had it worked out.

Secondly, there are the occasional random celebrity encounters that I end up with video or pictures with simply because they were at the same place for someone I was actually waiting for. EXAMPLE: Simon Baker. I would never have gone out for Simon Baker on my own. I’ve never seen an episode of ‘The Mentalist’ in my life, and the only thing I know him from is ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and that is only because my friend Brian mentioned it while I was talking about having met him at Letterman. If I am somewhere waiting for someone specific and another actor, actress, singer, reality TV star, etc. comes out and decides to take pictures, of course I am going to take a picture with them. Of course I am going to record harmless video of them signing autographs for others. Why? So that I can share the experience here on my blog with you readers. I don’t do it to make money (because if you haven’t noticed there are no advertisements on this web-site so I am not making any money off of your hits), and I don’t do it to sell out the celebrity themselves.

Moral of the story: I am just a big fangirl. I fangirl for everything and everyone because celebrities excite me, and I like being able to share all of those exciting moments with you.


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