Congrats to Darren Criss!

Click the image for more photos on Zimbio!

Last night Darren Criss made his debut in Broadway’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” with Beau Bridges, picking up where Daniel Radcliffe left off and taking over until Nick Jonas grabs the reigns next month. Today the internet is overflowing with reviews and chatter about his debut, and did anyone else hear about the Criss-loving heckler who was thrown out of the theater during the performance? Note to fans: Broadway is not a concert. It’s like watching a live action movie, and no one likes people who scream at the screen during movies, do they?

I haven’t made a trek down to the Al Hirschfield theater to try and meet Darren just yet, but that’s because I knew it was going to look like THIS last night. Maybe when things calm down I will get to it… we’ll see!

Congrats to Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, and the rest of the ‘HTSIBWRT‘ cast and crew!



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