2011′s Top Celebrity Encounters: #1 – Tom Cruise!

Have you seen #5 – #2 (Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf, & Taylor Lautner)? If not – click HERE!

Alright, admittedly I should have posted this Saturday. Unfortunately I was much busier this weekend than I originally expected and that’s why you’re getting this now – though I’m sure the wait has anxiously checking the site every five minutes, right? Right.

Hopefully Tom Cruise being #1 of 2011 comes as a surprise, though I understand if it doesn’t considering it happened so recently. If by chance you missed how I met Tom Cruise please check it out on my NextMovie column here! I kind of have a thing for Tom Cruise. What’s not mentioned in my column is that I had been telling my friends all year, “I want to meet Tom Cruise. I want to meet Tom Cruise. I WANT TO MEET TOM CRUISE.” I mean, he’s such a big deal to me that I can’t even just refer to him as Tom. He’s Tom Cruise. I didn’t meet Tom, I met Tom Cruise. This isn’t a picture with Tom, it’s a picture with Tom Cruise. It’s kind of like one word. Tom Cruise.

And that, ladies and gents, is my Top 5 of the year. Hopefully I’m still blogging at the end of 2012 and hopefully I can bring you another Top 5 then with brand new faces!

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One thought on “2011′s Top Celebrity Encounters: #1 – Tom Cruise!

  1. He seems to be the perfect celebrity, always friendly and happy to meet fans. You are so lucky to have had a photo taken with him.

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