2011′s Top Celebrity Encounters: #2 – Taylor Lautner!

To see #5 – #3 (Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Bieber, & Shia LaBeouf!) – click HERE!

I am sure you are all BAFFLED as to how I could possibly include someone like Taylor Lautner in my Top 5 – and by baffled I mean you are all in shock that he wasn’t #1. I have to tell you, I struggled over this for a while. I mean, you guys know me, you know that Taylor is like my favorite favorite favorite favorite human being on the face of this planet. However when you see #1 tomorrow I think you will understand why.

Since my web-site has started my love affair (see what I did there?) with Taylor has been chronicled pretty efficiently, I think. I shared with you when I first met Taylor, back in 2009, back in September. And, shortly afterward, I shared with you my experience with Taylor while he was promoting Abduction (which three out of four of the pictures you see came from… totally normal). Then I got to share with you my encounter with Taylor – which is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to me EVER – again in November when he came back to promote Breaking Dawn.

After looking at those three posts, I don’t think I need to really explain why Taylor is on my list.

Dear Taylor: If you ever see this, I’m just saying that… dinner couldn’t hurt. Right? I’ll even pay. When’s the last time a girl took YOU to dinner? Boom.

#1 is tomorrow! I promise to get it up before I go out for an evening of year ending debauchery!

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