2011′s Top Celebrity Encounters: #4 – Justin Bieber!

On Tuesday I posted my #5 Celebrity Encounter this year – Jake Gyllenhaal!

My Bieber fever kicked in to high gear at the end of Summer 2010. My friends and I got to see him in concert in New Jersey and had sick floor seats so we got to see him in action, which only brought the fever to a fatal level. Just when I thought the fever was going to take me as a casualty my friends and I heard that Justin Bieber would be in the city to not only promote but also premiere his 3D film “Never Say Never” – do I even need to tell you the rest?

It was February, and we had known that the Biebs was in town and that his premiere was that night, but we had also gotten a tip that he would be making a “surprise” appearance during the MTV Upfronts at Hammerstein Ballroom. Our tip was not wrong, because shortly after my friends and I got to the Hammerstein’s back door a big black SUV rolled up, and out popped Kenny, followed by Bieber, and Scooter, and everyone else that was a major part of Bieber’s entourage at the time. He didn’t stop on the way in and we got nervous, especially when the crowd was no longer just my friends and I but my friends and a handful of two of randoms who had also heard about Bieber being in the building, but our prayers were answered when he left. Scooter and Co. brought the Bieber, all decked out in his premiere outfit including purple bow tie, directly to our little group of friends. Not only did he sign autographs but he took individual pictures with every single one of us before leaving. It. Was. Amazing. I think we all cried, honestly. NO SHAME!

The second time I met Biebs was not without copious amounts of effort. In June one of my friends who would prefer to remain nameless and I camped out outside of Macy’s in Herald Square for a chance to grab one of the 300 passes for a meet & greet with Bieber. We were somewhere around #35 in line and we left the next morning with passes to meet Bieber the following day and a huge Someday gift set. The following we day we showed up about an hour before the meet and greet was supposed to start, and as most Bieber fans and New Yorkers know – chaos erupted. I still don’t think anyone knows what happened but the story is that Bieber was somehow “jumped” outside of Macy’s when he came out to greet the waiting (and also meet and greet-less) fans. The meet and greet ended up losing about an hour and a half before it started, and way back in line where we were we heard he was only doing group pictures because the NYPD had demanded he be out of the building in an hour or him and everyone in his entourage was being arrested. INSANE. Lucky enough for us, once we got close enough, we could see that he was in fact taking solo pictures with his fans and we wiped the sweat off of our foreheads and prepared to meet him – again.

It’s all very much a blur, but I will never forget how it went down. Girls were running up to take a picture with him and instead of saying anything to him they would just throw themselves around him and hug him and then run off screaming. It was cute, but you could see that he looked tired (he had been doing non-stop press the past couple of days) and I felt pretty bad for him. When it was my turn I walked up to him and made sure to say hello before posing for pictures, and he seemed very excited that I could actually speak to him. “Hi!” We posed for a picture and before I left I turned to ask him if he was okay (we had all heard about the drama) and he said, “I am okay, thank you so much for asking, and thank you for coming.” Then I think I blacked out because the next thing I remember is picking up our pictures and screaming like 12 year old girls. Totally normal.

#3 is up next (it’s coming right after this post since I had technical difficulties last night and couldn’t get this one up in time!) – any guesses?

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