2011’s Top Celebrity Encounters: #5 – Jake Gyllenhaal!

Usually at the end of every year I do a little something to commemorate all of the awesome celebrity meetings I’ve had throughout the year. For the past two years I’ve made videos (2009, 2010) so this year, now that I have this super cool web-site you all love, I wanted to do something a little different! Today starts the Top 5 countdown of my favorite/most memorable celebrity encounters of 2011. Ready?

Meeting Jake Gyllenhaal was like shooting fish in a barrel. This picture was taken in March while Jake was in the city promoting “Source Code” and we had been trying to meet him all day. I guess maybe in retrospect it wasn’t really that easy, seeing as how we had gone to see him at Regis & Kelly where he didn’t stop earlier that morning, but here’s how it went down…

We had heard early on throughout the day (after getting shunned at Regis & Kelly) that there would be a “Source Code” premiere in the city that night, but we had no idea where. After work my friends and I met up early and put together our heads, all of our resources, and went on a search for the premiere – to which we are somewhat unsuccessful. As we were sitting in a coffee shop trying to figure out a Plan B we got a tip that the premiere was being held at the Crosby Street Hotel downtown. Of course! How could we have forgotten the Crosby?! At this point the red carpet was already well into effect, if not over, but we headed down anyway with positive thoughts and fingers crossed.

When we got there there was no – and I do mean NO ONE – else there. We were the only fans. There was maybe like, one photographer on the other side of the entrance. Could we really be this lucky? First we got excited, we knew we had it in the bag, but then we got nervous. What if no one was here because it was over? What if our tip was wrong? What if he had left after the red carpet? There were a very stressful few minutes before the press started to leave through the front entrance and I ran into a friend who let us know he was still inside. PHEW.

Once all the press had cleared out Jake was on his way out when we got to stop him for pictures. Even though he wasn’t very chatty and made it seem like he might be in a rush, he took a few minutes to take individual pictures with Brian, June, and I before taking off. It could not have been easier and we could not have been happier about it! Michelle Monaghan also left shortly after, and she was bit more chatty while we were taking pictures with her. All in all: SUCCESS!

Stay tuned for #4 tomorrow!

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