Merry Christmas from PFG!

Seasons Greetings from The Lautners!


…or Happy Hanakkuh/Kwanzaa/etc.!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has read PFG since it’s first post in August – even if you’ve only been here once you’ve helped motivate me to keep going out (even in the cold!) so I have new and exciting posts for you as often as possible! Thanks to PFG I was able to take on some pretty cool things in the last half of 2011, so I think 2012 is looking VERY promising.

Some things to look forward to? Awards season (first up after the holidays!), THE HUNGER GAMES (!!!!!), One Direction‘s first American tour opening for Big Time Rush (can. not. wait.), Darren Criss on Broadway followed by Nick Jonas, the final Twilight movie (SOB.), The Avengers… so many other epic movies coming in 2012 it’s not even funny.

I look forward to sharing all of the excitement with you!




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