I spent three days on the Gossip Girl set last week. THREE!

Last week my roommate’s friend Tonya was visiting her from Florida, and it turned out we all shared a common bond over Gossip Girl, which lead us to checking out the set not once, not twice, but three times last week. Here they are broken down into chronological order, including some filming spoilers – you’ve been warned!:

DAY 1: Ed Westwick filmed a scene outside of the Empire Hotel (with Monkey on a leash!) where he is having a heated phone conversation while watching a couple throw their arms around each other and kiss. The kiss sends him off in a tirade, but when he turns to head back into the hotel he bumps into another guy on the street. Words are exchanged, but then Ed disappears into the hotel lobby. For the rest of the day they shot interior scenes and the only other cast member on set filming with Ed was (WARNING: SPOILER!) Michelle Trachtenberg aka Georgina Sparks. Why is she back?! And why is she with Chuck?! (Sildeshow has pictures of Ed filming and Michelle heading to set.)

DAY 2: They were filming in a building down off of Essex and Delancey. When we got there Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, and Chace Crawford were on set. I have no idea what was going on in the scene since we couldn’t see inside the building, but I do know that Blake Lively left the set shortly after we got there (apparently to go to the airport), and that when we left Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley were the only ones on set. DAIR. FOR. LIFE. Are all of my hopes and dreams coming true?! Thankfully, Penn stopped to take a picture with Tonya and I before heading to film.

DAY 3: They were still filming in the same building they had been the day before, but this time the only two on set were Penn and Blair. Again. I don’t know what was going on, but I was in Dair Heaven. (Leighton candids in the slideshow!)

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3 thoughts on “I spent three days on the Gossip Girl set last week. THREE!

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  2. Yay! Dair scenes! Thanks so much for this, it’s helping me through this horrible hiatus to know that more Dair is coming. 🙂

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