Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick saving the world one Hybrid at a time!

Due to the terrible weather the night of the New Years Eve premiere it was a pretty uneventful evening. Thankfully I had already met Zac Efron that morning at the Today Show, and Jessica Biel was kind enough to come over in the rain and take a quick picture which you can see in my Next Movie gallery. I also took this quick video of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick arriving in their Hybrid. They didn’t come over, but had it not been raining I am sure they would have because both of them are very nice people who almost never have a problem greeting fans. I also always like to make sure I mention that they came in a Hyrbid – and not a Hybrid SUV – just a regular run of the mill Prius that they own and use around the city. I think that is really spectacular, especially because with all of the events and transporting celebrities and VIP’s around this city and how no car services ever seem to have any energy efficient vehicles to send out. Major kudos to the Parker-Brodericks!

To see my picture with Jessica Biel from the premiere, click here!


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