Partying with Charlie Bewley & Bronson Pelletier at Mohegan Sun!

A little over a week ago June & I took a drive up to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for a Diva Friday (yes, they actually call it that…) event: Charlie Bewley & Bronson Pelletier were doing a signing! Since Charlie is June’s #1 it was pretty much a done deal as soon as we heard about it, and sure enough there we were on Friday evening leaving the city in June‘s car and headed to the wonderful world of Guam – aka anywhere outside of NYC.

On our way up we skipped dinner because the signing started at 8PM and we were sure after some traffic that we might be late and didn’t want to take any chances. Unfortunately we weren’t the ones who were late – CharlieBronson were! Apparently there had been an issue and either their flight was delayed or their plane got detained after landing, I don’t know, but they ended up not starting the signing until around 9PM while June & I ate Godiva for dinner. The guys did a quick photo shoot and interview in the hotel lobby first which we got to watch, and once they were done they said a quick hello to us before we all headed down to the signing. Charlie is one of the few celebrities who actually remembers me (!!!) and this is all thanks to his and June‘s Twitter friendship (though we prefer to call it a relationship). It’s nice when they remember you because then (if they are nice and have not been scared off by you being too creepy) they will be the ones to come and say hi to you first, which cuts down on the awkward moment of having to approach them. It was also extra awesome because I finally got to meet Bronson, who I’ve never met and is my second favorite wolf pack member, and he high fived me. We’re in love now.

Mohegan handed out 4×6 head shots of both actors to everyone on line for them to sign and also told us all there wouldn’t be any time for pictures. Instant sad face! June & I hung out on the back of the line until it was our turn to get our pictures signed and we spent a little too long chatting with the guys at the table and one of their handlers yelled at Charlie to move along (you should have seen him and June swooning over each other, it was magical), and we had to move on. Their friend told us they would be doing a short appearance at the Tuscany bar in the shops though so after a quick shoe-change we bee-lined to the bar and waited. Waited. Waited some more.

Finally the guys came and had a quick dinner, followed by a quick appearance at the DJ booth. We got the chance to chat with Charlie a bit at the bar before they went to the DJ which was nice, and then when they were leaving we got to chat with Charlie a bit more while Bronson got swarmed by fans after not leaving the bar quick enough. June and I took quick pictures with Charlie before anyone else could realize he had run off, and once Bronson was free from the wrath of the bar patrons he took quick pictures with us as well. They hosted an event at the club in Mohegan as well, but we skipped that and headed home. I kind of hate clubs.

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