I am currently in a hate/love relationship with this Glee performance.

This mash-up is AMAZING. Actually amazing doesn’t cut it. It’s right up there with the Adele mash-up from two episodes ago. However there are a lot of things wrong with the visual – and I don’t mean the ladies sparkly dresses to which I would kindly like one in my size ASAP. I have to point some things out, but my fellow Gleeks please remember that I am in fact one of you as I tear this apart.

1.) First and foremost, who are all of these girls in the Treble Tones? Why would all of these girls come out of the woodwork to join the Treble Tones if New Directions has struggled for years now just to keep their member number at the bare minimum allowed to compete? This hasn’t even been explained to us, not to mention these random girls are never in Treble Tones meetings where Santana and Mercedes throw down every week. Ryan Murphy, I’m confused. Again. Who are these 8 mystery girls?

2.) In the previews following last weeks episode we got a glimpse of Sam ripping his pants off in what we are led to assume is a male strip club/show. Didn’t he move out of state? And if the moving out of state thing was a lie for him to get away with being a stripper in a nearby city, how is he suddenly in the same New Directions costume as Finn and Blaine? I am hoping this will be explained next week but given Glee’s history with inconsistencies and lack of realism I imagine it will happen in the first five minutes of the show and never be spoken of again. Didn’t Chord Overstreet quit, anyway? Wasn’t he off to do bigger and better things with his Glee-made 15 minutes? That worked out real well.

3.) Heather Morris looks terrible. She looked great last week so I’m going to assume it’s just the make up and the Snooki poof on top of her head, but I also feel that Brittany has been limited this season. She’s stuck in this storyline with Santana which is keeping her from being the best dancer on the show. Remember when Brittany and Other Asian (I still don’t know his character’s name!) used to dance their asses off every other episode or so and it never failed to impress us? I miss that. Yes she can sing and yes her comedic timing is perfection and yes she’s really pretty, but they are stripping her of what she does better than all the rest.

4.) At the 2:19 mark you can see the entire New Directions including Miss Pilsbury on their feet dancing to the Treble Tones. I know last week they touched on something about combining the two groups to make one super group for competing purposes, but I don’t see any New Directions on stage with them. Not even the girls. Finn’s fist bump with Blaine can be misconstrued to either him putting down the Treble Tones or him thinking they will be the reason the super-group that isn’t on stage wins. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Okay, maybe that’s not a LOT of things.. but it’s enough. Enough to irritate someone who has been watching the show since the very beginning. I have to admit that I could not be more excited about the cast changing, even just slightly, come next season. I’m  bored. And Glee used to be fun, remember when Glee was fun? Now you’ve got to pay attention to all these storylines that lack depth and change so frequently it gives you a headache.


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