JC Chasez is a LIFE RUINER.

If this Rolling Stone cover brings a tingly sensation to the pit of your stomach and makes a squeal form at the back of your throat, then you may have heard some bad news yesterday from JC Chasez that made a little piece of your boy band loving heart die: NSYNC is not getting back together for a reunion. Ever.

Ever since NKOTB hit the scene with a massive comeback in 2009 that has lead them to a now international tour with the Backstreet Boys next Spring there has been an over abundance of rumors swirling about every boy band that has ever existed and is still alive reuniting for a tour, or an album, or even just a one time performance. However the NSYNC rumors have been the most dominate of them all. For a while it was all deny, deny, deny… and then a few months ago we heard that the five were back together in Florida for Chris Kirkpatrick’s birthday and it was like this major gift from God even if none of us were there to witness it. When was the last time anyone could remember the five of them being together?! Wasn’t Justin Timberlake too busy off being a movie star and not making his own music any more?! Well, apparently once the birthday celebrations were over they all collectively signed in blood that they would never get back together to perform. If you don’t believe me or you prefer to live in denial, you can watch the video of JC telling TMZ that it was not going to happen.

If this were 12 years ago I would currently be running about my room in a fit of rage ripping NSYNC posters off of my wall while hysterically crying and screaming about how they don’t love me any more.


One thought on “JC Chasez is a LIFE RUINER.

  1. This is not news, JC when asked [which seems to be often] has always given the same answer; no NSYNC reunion.

    Prior to Chris’ birthday, the last time [all 5] of them were together in the same room as their vocal coach’s funeral in 2006.

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