Ashley Greene @ Today Show!

So if you’ve been following my Breaking Dawn weekend posts you knew that Ashley Greene was coming up next! As previously mentioned, Ashley joined fellow cast members Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed at the Today Show this week for a quick interview. Ashley was second to arrive at the studio and sweet enough to stop for pictures with Brian, June and I but was running a little late and so at her suggestion June and I took our picture with her together. Clearly we are all BFF’s by the looks of it, no?

I was really excited when Ashley , Jackson, and Nikki hit the plaza to greet waiting fans because I got the chance to take a solo shot with her which came out just as cute as our group picture above. Ashley is too gorgeous in person! She’s tall, she’s skinny, she’s got pretty hair. Life is incredible amounts of not fair to those of us who photographed next to her, that’s for sure. I’ve also never seen anyone be SO camera ready. I think she has camera radar, actually. She was ready as soon as she got out of her car and was really polite to the waiting photographers, and in the plaza not only was she posing for pictures with fans but she was also posing for pictures as she signed autographs if she noticed anyone taking pictures. It was pretty impressive!

Today is the third day of Breaking Dawn‘s opening weekend and as of right now they are slated to take in $139 million for the weekend which is the 5th all time highest  opening weekend in box office history…. and that is only if there isn’t a huge spike in ticket sales for screenings today which would boost it even higher. Insane! The power of Twilight compels you.

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2 thoughts on “Ashley Greene @ Today Show!

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  2. The last 5 posts on your blog feature stars in the Twilight franchise. You should change the blog name to You & Ashley do look pretty cute together in the plaza though.

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