A very pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard @ Today Show!

Monday morning after an eventful couple of hours at GMA, Brian and I headed over to the Today Show and were able to meet a very, very, very pregnant (as you can obviously see!) Bryce Dallas Howard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pregnant woman do so much press before, but I have to give BDH major kudos where kudos are due because she is a trooper. Not only was she as pleasant as ever at the Today Show for her quick interview with her father Ron Howard, but she also appeared at a screening for “Project Imagin8ion” last night to do a Q&A. While we were waiting for her at the Today Show someone tweeted me mentioning they thought she might be having twins based on how big she is, so Brian asked BDH if she was having a boy or a girl when she stopped for pictures and she hesitated before saying she wasn’t going to share that with anyone just yet. If she’s having twins she definitely knows it, and she definitely knows if they are boys or girls or both! Bryce is due shortly after Christmas and I can’t wait to hear all about her new bab(y/ies).

Also, have you seen the short film Bryce did with her father? It’s called “When You Find Me” and Bryce directed it while Ron produced it. The trailer gave me chills! You can see all the videos (trailer,making of, etc.) on it’s YouTube page: PROJECT IMAGIN8ION.

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4 thoughts on “A very pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard @ Today Show!

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  4. Shes gorgeous but will have the baby before xmas, her tummy has already dropped. So excited for her and the family! Shes so pretty and radiant.

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